Rankings of Top 50 Competitiveness Enterprises in Global Fine Chemicals Industry 2022 Released


Fine Chemicals Information Institute announced the first global rankings of fine chemicals industry—Top 50 Competitiveness Enterprises in Global Fine Chemicals Industry 2022. The winners are BASF, Dow, Covestro, Syngenta,CortevaAgriscience, PPG, Sinochem International, Nutrien, Bayer, DSM, Henkel, IFF, 3M, Arkema, Evonik Industries, AkzoNobel, Huntsman, WakerChemie AG, Solvay, Givaudan, ICL-IP, Mosaic,Yara, Eastman Chemical, Wanhua Chemical, Lanxess, SABIC, Ecolab, Celanese, Sumitomo Chemical,Chemours, CPChem, FMC, Indorama, Sherwin-Williams, DuPont, Lonza, RPM, Sasol, Symrise, Clariant,Imerys, Mitsui Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemical, Avient, Lubrizol, Johnson Matthey, Albemarle, Asahi Kasei, DIC.


According to the rankings, the listed enterprises are from the United States (20 enterprises), Germany (8),Japan (5), China (3), the Netherlands, Switzerland and France (2 for each), Canada, the United Kingdom,Belgium, Norway, Israel, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and South Africa (1 for each) . The United States has thelargest number of enterprises on the list, accounting for 40%, followed by Germany, 16% and Japan, 10%.This reflects the current competitive landscape that North America, Western Europe and Japan are theleading regions in fine chemicals industry with the proportion of fine chemical production process inchemical industry of 60-70%, and there is much room for China to improve its proportion.

The ranking event was hosted by Fine Chemicals Information Institute with the principle of objectivity, impartiality, openness and comprehensiveness. In order to truthfully reflect the current situation of global fine chemicals industry and to convey the most cutting-edge information, experts of economics, management and statistics were invited to jointly design the selection index system with experts in fine chemicals industry.

The data, collected from the annual reports of listed companies, was analyzedcomprehensively from 3 major factors of scale, efficiency and growth as well as 73 sub indicators and elements likesales revenues, net assets, net profits, return on total assets, return on net assets, sales revenues contribution per employee, the ratio of international revenue to total sales revenues, the average growth rate of sales revenues for the last three years, the average growth rate of net profits for the last three years. The ranking result vividly reflects the competition situation among global fine chemical enterprises. For example, BASF, an industry giant, won the first place with an absolute advantage, while Dow and Covestro ranked second and third respectively. In the top 10, Syngenta and Sinochem International from China also got the fourth and seventh good results respectively.

What should be stated is that the final score is not a judgment on the overall strength and weakness of each enterprise, but a reflection of competitiveness.It will be its greatest value if all enterprises, especially excellent ones, can view the ranking event with an open-minded and self-examination attitude.




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